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Artemiana International, Inc.

Pasteurized Red & Blue Swimming Crab Meat (haanii & pelagicus)

Processor / Importer / Wholesaler

Artemiana International, Inc., with 20 years of experience and expertise in processing a single product

(pasteurized crabmeat), has become a trusted name and one of the top three suppliers (quality & quantity)

in the pasteurized red swimming crab meat (haanii) industry.  
    Artemiana is the exclusive importer and distributor of Ocean's Bounty brand, Treasure of the Sea brand,

and Chef's Choice brand of Chinese pasteurized red swimming crab meat, and the exclusive importer and

distributor of Millennium brand of Philippines premium blue swimming crab meat.   Each of our four brands

is owned by one of our four crab meat packers:
Fujian Dongshan Licheng Aquatic Products (China),
Fujian Dongshan Haiyuan Aquatic Products (China),
Fujian Dongshan Sanhao  Aquatic Products (China), 

Millennium Ocean Star Corp (Philippines). 
Our yearly production capacity is 45 loads (1.62M LBS) of red crabmeat, and 25 loads (0.90M LBS) of blue crabmeat.

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